Career Counselling

It is the process of helping an individual come up with a personal career plan by collecting, correlating and evaluating various information about the self and the world of work to help the students meet his/her life goals and take the necessary steps to implement the plan.

Through counselling, all facts will be used to explore the different aptitudes, interests and abilities of the students.


Career Counselling
Below facts showing impact without expert career counselling and guidance:

Very High Turn-out of new College Students enter college undecided and unprepared. Wrong Perceptions students tend to enroll in more popular courses because of stereotyping, without thoroughly thinking and counselling about the course, their ability to pursue it, and the job opportunities that went along with it. Colleges feed on the trend of enrollment and they continuously strengthen and promote their programs. Students believe that just because people they know in the same field make much money, so will they. Students get the impression that there are a lot of opportunities connected with these courses after they graduate. Students enroll in more popular courses because of:

Mainly, the students being unprepared for college because they had poor high school background and/or they were not properly oriented while they were still in high school about what course they should take. Problems arising from irresponsible behavior like early parenthood. Financial problems

The not-so popular courses are left out. The bad thing that happens in career orientations is basically school-selling and promotion of courses and the courses that they promote are those that their institutions are known for.

Over concentration of graduates on few degree courses leads them to compete for very limited jobs upon graduation.In the process, thousands are forced to accept jobs for which they were not trained for.


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