Student Benefits :
A comprehensive guidance and counseling program:
  • We here at career goal, aim at providing the best for the most important decision of your life.
  • We understand that career planning can be a tedious job and going with a flow seems a rather easy job, but hold you thought for second and think. What sounds easy; a known career path where you know what you want to achieve or an unknown path which leads you towards more confusion and never ending struggle.
  • We promise to work side by side your career mapping. You will find the most beneficial information, tools, training and guidance on career goal.
  • Career goals guidance is present at every step from selecting the right course to right college or study sector.
  • Not only guidance, but we help you chose the right institution for achieving your goal.
  • We provide you with an unbiased advice through expert guidance.
  • Our blogs will keep you in the loop with tips and updated on career planning.
  • Being an online portal, it’s accessible from anywhere at any time.
  • We provide you best career mapping tools at an economical price.
  • Our tools like psychometric assessments, career planning kit, career counseling, and career query discussions will assist you at every step.
  • PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENTS are one of the main tools which we recommend to our student to take at the first step counseling itself, it clarify lots of your doubts and helps you ask improved questions about your career planning.
  • It is a skill based assessment which calculates your aptitude and ability to select best three career sector for you.
  • It talks about your inbuilt tendency for best suited careers you can pursue.
  • The Personalized career report gives you an idea about your strengths and weakness.
  • Its test designed by a team of experts which asks you questions based on your aptitude, ability, attitude, circumstances and all other factors.
  • It enhances your skills and talents along with your weaknesses.